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Al-Qur'an Surah 'Abasa Verse 12

'Abasa [80]: 12 ~ English Qur'an Word By Word and Multi Tafseer

فَمَنْ شَاۤءَ ذَكَرَهٗ ۘ (عبس : ٨٠)

So whosoever
may remember it


Faman shaa a zakarah (QS. ʿAbasa:12)

English / Sahih Translation:

So whoever wills may remember it. (QS. 'Abasa, ayah 12)

Mufti Taqi Usmani

So, whoever so wills may pay heed to it.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

So let whoever wills be mindful of it.

Ruwwad Translation Center

so whoever wills may give heed to it –

A. J. Arberry

(and whoso wills, shall remember it)

Abdul Haleem

from which those who wish to be taught should learn,

Abdul Majid Daryabadi

So whosoever willeth-let him be admonished therewlth.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Therefore let whoso will, keep it in remembrance.

Abul Ala Maududi

So whoso wills may give heed to it.

Ahmed Ali

For any one who desires to bear it in mind,

Ahmed Raza Khan

So whoever wishes may remember it.

Ali Quli Qarai

—so let anyone who wishes remember—

Ali Ünal

So whoever wills receives admonition and takes heed.

Amatul Rahman Omar

So let him who desires, pay heed to it and rise to eminence.

English Literal

So who wanted/willed remembered/mentioned Him .

Faridul Haque

So whoever wishes may remember it.

Hamid S. Aziz

So let whoever will pay heed to it.

Hilali & Khan

So whoever wills, let him pay attention to it.

Maulana Mohammad Ali

In honoured books,

Mohammad Habib Shakir

So let him who pleases mind it.

Mohammed Marmaduke William Pickthall

So let whosoever will pay heed to it,

Muhammad Sarwar

so let those who want to follow its guidance do so.

Qaribullah & Darwish

and whosoever wills, shall remember it.

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

So, whoever wills, let him pay attention to Him (it).

Wahiduddin Khan

Let him who will, pay heed to it.

Talal Itani

Whoever wills, shall remember it.

Tafsir jalalayn

so let whoever will, remember it, preserve it [in his memory] and thus be admonished by it --

Tafseer Ibn Kathir

So, whoever wills, let him pay attention to Him (it).

meaning, so whoever wills, he remembers Allah in all of his affairs.

The pronoun could also be understood to be referring to the revelation since the conversation is alluding to it.

Allah said;

فِي صُحُفٍ مُّكَرَّمَةٍ