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Al-Qur'an Surah Al-Hijr Verse 59

Al-Hijr [15]: 59 ~ English Qur'an Word By Word and Multi Tafseer

اِلَّآ اٰلَ لُوْطٍۗ اِنَّا لَمُنَجُّوْهُمْ اَجْمَعِيْنَۙ (الحجر : ١٥)

the family
of Lut;
indeed we
surely will save them


Illaaa Aala Loot; innaa lamunajjoohum ajma'een (QS. al-Ḥijr:59)

English / Sahih Translation:

Except the family of Lot; indeed, we will save them all (QS. Al-Hijr, ayah 59)

Mufti Taqi Usmani

except the family of LūT - all of whom we shall save,

Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

As for the family of Lot, we will certainly deliver them all,

Ruwwad Translation Center

except the household of Lot; we will surely save them all,

A. J. Arberry

excepting the folk of Lot; them we shall deliver

Abdul Haleem

But We shall save the household of Lot,

Abdul Majid Daryabadi

All except the household of Lut; surely we are going to deliver all of them.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali

"Excepting the adherents of Lut; them we are certainly (charged) to save (from harm),- All -

Abul Ala Maududi

excepting the household of Lot. We shall deliver all of them,

Ahmed Ali

"Except the family of Lot whom we shall save

Ahmed Raza Khan

“Except the family of Lut; we shall rescue all of them.”

Ali Quli Qarai

[who shall perish] except the family of Lot. We will indeed deliver all of them,

Ali Ünal

"Except for the family of Lot – we are surely to save them all

Amatul Rahman Omar

`Excepting the followers of Lot (because they are not guilty). We shall invariably deliver them all.

English Literal

Except Lot`s family, We are saving/rescuing them (E) all together .

Faridul Haque

"Except the family of Lut; we shall rescue all of them."

Hamid S. Aziz

"Save only the household (family or adherents) of Lot, all of them we are certainly charged to save,

Hilali & Khan

"(All) except the family of Lout (Lot). Them all we are surely going to save (from destruction).

Maulana Mohammad Ali

They said: We have been sent to a guilty people,

Mohammad Habib Shakir

Except Lut's followers: We will most surely deliver them all,

Mohammed Marmaduke William Pickthall

(All) save the family of Lot. Them we shall deliver every one,

Muhammad Sarwar

Only the family of Lot will all be saved,

Qaribullah & Darwish

Except Lot's family, of whom we shall save all,

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

"(All) except the family of Lut, all of whom we are to save (from the destruction)."

Wahiduddin Khan

Except for Lot's household, all of whom we shall rescue,

Talal Itani

“Except for the family of Lot; we will save them all.”

Tafsir jalalayn

[all] except the family of Lot; indeed we shall save them, all of them, because of their faith,

Tafseer Ibn Kathir

(All) except the family of Lut, all of whom we are to save (from the destruction).

They told him that they were going to save the family of Lut from among those people, except for his wife, because she was one of those who were doomed.

Thus it was said,

إِلاَّ امْرَأَتَهُ قَدَّرْنَا إِنَّهَا لَمِنَ الْغَابِرِينَ